Time To Make a Change

With the new year rapidly approaching, now is the time where everyone wants to initiate some sort of change in their life. While some might dislike or shy away from the idea, I always say that you can never have enough! Change is good for the soul and if you don’t believe me just keep reading.

The definition of change is “to make or become different.” There are different types of change, the kind that you initiate and the kind that initiate you. Change can either come from you or come to you. You see, change has the potential to do just that, change. With different circumstances comes different lessons and experiences to be had. You need these things to grow and I urge that you allow yourself to benefit and learn from the changing ways in your life.

The best kinds of change are the small things, the things that you initiate yourself, as those are the things we can normally keep going. This is when you actually realize that you want to see a growth or difference in your life. You see, huge lifestyle changes can sometimes end up falling through, as it was just too much at once. This often discourages people from the idea of change and they end up feeling overwhelmed or uneasy. If you can drastically change your life, then way to go! Don’t get me wrong, sometimes drastic changes work, but it also can’t hurt to try the little things first. This idea is so simple, yet so many people feel that they need to completely revamp their lives in order to feel something. Well, this is just simply not true.

Do you ever notice how the “new year, new me” attitude tends to fall through within the first week? In my opinion, this is the classic “too much all at once” issue. In order to make change effective, you’ll want to start small and work toward your ultimate goal. Even a small change is still a change.

If your goal for the new year is to start eating healthier, maybe try cutting out sodas and sugar first. Then work your way up by working more veggies and fruits into your diet. If your goal is to be more active, maybe start by walking around your neighborhood a few times a week. Then you can ease into running or even walking longer distances. You could perhaps try an exercise class and meet some new people while you’re at it! Another goal could be to be more adventurous, or enjoy life more. You don’t have to book a trip to Africa, I mean you can surely do that, but you can also try indoor rock-climbing or maybe even just spend more time with the ones you love. These small steps make for a gradual lifestyle change and not such an intimidating or difficult “cold turkey” method.

The thing about change is that it makes you different. It makes you better. Every change, good and bad, will eventually make you stronger, wiser and a better version of yourself. It could cause you to learn something about yourself, about other people or about life in general.

Even a small change is still a change. Don’t be thinking for the new year you have to completely revamp your lifestyle. While that is a good mindset to have, try to set many goals and get to the ultimate goal with time, rather than trying to achieve it all at once. In my eyes, it will be more achievable this way.

For this new year, I challenge you to change. To improve. To grow. Maybe not all at once, but gradually. Allow yourself to grow, to experience, to dream and to achieve all that you are capable of. 

Thanks for reading friends, may the new year bring you happiness!


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